Hayden Pattullo is a worldly-travelling, design-obsessed second year Master of Architecture candidate from Calgary, Ab, who has a hand in more than a couple creative endeavors. Coming from a Bachelor in Information Design practicing functional document and web production, architecture was a logical next step towards creating effective experiences for the world through affect-based design.

Affect-based design means creating content and spaces that succeed through the feelings they provoke. It is often said that good design is invisible, but the most successful architecture projects, graphic art, and writing doesn't succeed by simply following established rules of effectiveness. We owe ourselves more than a world full of purely empirical-based space, we owe ourselves art that can translate through all mediums.

That is why I'm always seeking new material performances, always photographing the best moments of the world, and always trying to produce new graphical interpretations of reality. This website is my dedication to always seeking a "haptic patina:" the ephemeral feeling produced by design that incorporates both left-brain and right-brain principles across an unlimited spectrum of maturing mediums.

Click here for more of my work with the Laboratory for Integrative Design